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Werkberry offers smaller employers’ advantages previously available only to large enterprises. In addition to guided job title, description and ad creation, Werkberry turns the entire internet into a recruiting tool offering highly cost-effective advertising. By employing artificial intelligence and automation, Werkberry saves you time and produces better results than individual job boards.

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Werkberry was created because the recruiting process small businesses use was broken.





Scott Piper

Chief Operating Officer

It's A Love Story

In 2003 Nick and LA (Lori-Anne) met in Colorado and quite literally danced into each other’s hearts. It wasn’t long before they took their shared passion for adventure, passion for action, and creativity and used it to spark several entrepreneurial ventures that expanded across multiple continents.

Nick spent a good part of his career helping thousands of channel partners and groups grow their businesses, closing epic deals along the way, all while championing the latest advertising technology.  

LA’s 25+ years of career experience touch every side of the hiring space. Some would say she has a passion for it! From owning a burgeoning recruitment process outsourcing business and Bioscience staffing agency to corporate talent acquisition leadership, outplacement services, career counseling, and talent software consultancy roles. From a very early age, LA was passionate about everything to do with jobs. Searching for the ideal fit between talent and opportunity and helping smaller business owners like herself is what keeps her motivated.

Nick and LA co-owned an entertainment business that grew to 300 employees and expanded across the globe.

In 2015, Nick and LA with their beloved border collie Boomer decided to trade in their land legs, buy a boat and go sailing for three years. It was while sailing and many talks sipping cocktails at sundown that the idea for Werkberry was hatched. With Nick’s channel partner and expertise in advertising and small business, and LA’s vast knowledge about the hiring space and job technical industry, Werkberry was officially founded.

We are very excited to face our challenges and adventures together to make hiring easier, affordable, and fun for smaller employers while helping our channel partners grow finding the perfect balance between excellent customer service and the most advanced hiring technology.

We invite you to be part of our next great adventure!

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