Werkberry Case Study

How Werkberry Accelerated Hiring and Reduced Costs by 70% For This Insurance Agency

The Challenge

N & B Insurance Services was struggling to attract top sales and customer service talent through traditional hiring channels like job boards and staffing agencies. Their existing recruitment process was time-consuming, expensive, and often yielded subpar candidates. With plans to rapidly expand into new markets, N & B needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to meet their aggressive hiring goals for growth. That’s when they partnered with Werkberry’s AI-powered hiring platform.

The Werkberry Solution

Werkberry took a consultative approach to deeply understand N & B’s unique hiring needs across their insurance sales and service roles. They then leveraged AI-powered job advertising technology to surgically target and attract N & B’s ideal candidates from niche job sites, social channels, and professional networks. Werkberry’s intelligent candidate matching capabilities automatically screened, ranked, and surfaced the most qualified applicants from their vast talent pipeline based on N & B’s specific job requirements. This allowed N & B’s hiring team to quickly identify and engage with best-fit candidates. Additionally, Werkberry provided a dedicated team to support N & B throughout the entire hiring process – from crafting compelling job ads to pitching top candidates and facilitating interviews efficiently.

The Results

Within just 4 months, Werkberry’s AI hiring platform helped N & B Insurance Services:
  • Reduce overall time-to-hire by 62% compared to previous methods
  • Achieve a 71% cost savings compared to utilizing staffing agencies and job boards
  • Improve candidate quality scores by 45%, leading to better employee retention

“Werkberry completely transformed our ability to attract and hire top talent as a small agency,” said Brad, Co-Founder of  N & B Insurance Services. “We were able to quickly scale and build a high performing team while reducing our hiring costs and time spent sifting through resumes.”

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What people say about Werkberry

Hiring top talent was a constant struggle for our small business - until we found Werkberry. Their AI platform quickly matched us with qualified candidates tailored to our roles. We automated the entire process and hired an amazing team in weeks, not months. Werkberry's affordable solution saved us time and money. A must for any small business!

Halie Nicole Rowland Avatar Halie Nicole Rowland
June 9, 2024

Hiring Werkberry has truly transformed our hiring process. Werkberry seamlessly delivered a consistent flow of highly qualified applicants, all at a fraction of the cost we used to incur through traditional job board posting.

Brad Wayne Avatar Brad Wayne
May 10, 2024

Working with WerkBerry has been an incredible experience! As a hiring platform, it's unparalleled in its ease and efficiency. Their AI-driven approach simplifies the entire hiring process, offering access to a multitude of job publishers effortlessly. WerkBerry's innovative platform not only manages job openings and advertising but also transforms a single job post into numerous listings seamlessly. Their user-friendly solution is tailor-made for smaller employers, making recruitment a breeze. Thanks to WerkBerry, hiring has become a streamlined and productive journey. I highly recommend their platform for anyone seeking an efficient, comprehensive, and game-changing hiring solution.

Duarne Bernhagen Avatar Duarne Bernhagen
May 10, 2024

Great way to get exposure and find quality applicants for a very reasonable price. I have hired several GREAT staff with the help of Werkberry and will continue to use them for my hiring needs!

ryan height Avatar ryan height
June 14, 2024

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