Director of Advertising Operations

Director of Advertising Operations

  • Contract to Perm
  • Remote
  • Erie, PA


Contract to Perm (Open to REMOTE)


Position Level: Leadership


Industry: Advertising / Jobs


The Director of Advertising Operations is in charge of leading the entire advertising operations department and help build the team.


This person is responsible for deploying ad campaigns on behalf of our partners into the market on various platforms and generates performance reports, manage traffic, manager publishers and set departmental goals. Leading advertising innovation and process improvement.





Leadership/Supervisory Role:


  • Leading the advertising operations department.
  • Manages the advertising operations by overseeing scheduling, production, and implementation of all advertising programs and campaigns in order to ensure accurate and timely execution of these programs.
  • Ensures the smooth execution of the day-to-day activities and serves as the main point of contact within the advertising operations department to the rest of the business departments, publishers and platform owners.
  • Build and lead a team, enabling constant improvement in performance and hence enabling continuous achievement of profitability targets as well as the business’s overall targets.





  • Plays a major role in strategic development within the business, where he/she deploys sophisticated ad campaigns, programs, tools, and platforms that are best suited for the business.
  • Use data sets from existent campaigns to influence strategies for upcoming campaigns in addition to considering performance metrics and behavioral targeting, which guarantees continual improvement in the advertising operations department, in turn leading to the achievement of sales objectives and the achievement of the business’s overall targets.





  • Highly collaborative and works with the sales and content personnel in defining the planning, inventory management, prioritization, testing, scheduling, and delivery of advertising programs and campaigns.
  • Works with the marketing, success managers, product design, and other teams in an effort to inform and implement product and advertising operational improvements.
  • Liaise with all these departments with a view of exceeding consumer expectations on advertising campaign set up, service, delivery, and performance.





  • Analytical role, where he/she analyzes data, prepares recommendations, and performs periodic optimizations for the purpose of ensuring advertising campaign success rate and reviews dashboards and ad campaign performances in order to generate reports and come up with informed, fact-based solutions that efficiently increase the performance of the business’s campaigns.
  • Generates reports for senior management on proposed calculated approaches and strategies in advertising that will lead to increased sales performance and the achievement of the business’s overall objectives.



Knowledge and Opportunity:


  • Identifying, establishing, and implementing the business’ best practices on advertising campaign set-up, optimization, measurement, and reporting.
  • Troubleshoots numerous tracking problems, develops solutions, and documents internal procedures for junior personnel and collaborative personnel to adhere to in the execution of departmental duties.



Must Haves:




  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.





  • 7+ years of working experience in an advertising operations capacity, preferably as a senior advertising operations manager.
  • Experience building and managing a team through an advertising campaign from its conceptualization all the way to the achievement of the set goals of the campaign.
  • Experience successfully, monitoring and managing advertising campaigns, managing advertising inventory, and working on ad serving systems.
  • Experience troubleshooting ad serving technical issues, for example, delivery investigation and third-party media issues inclusive of the identification of several tag types, e.g. HTML and JavaScript, and potential issues associated with each.
  • Prefer knowledge of the competitor products, data vendors, industry, third party technology, and market trends.
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Outlook, and WebEx
  • Proficiency in the workings of HTML, Javascript, and XML specifically with Clickcast or other ad systems.





Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills:

  • Highly familiar with the latest technologies and communication channels in order to determine the best tools and channels for the business’s advertising campaigns.
  • Solid understanding of marketing principles, audience targeting, and data collection methods.
  • Capable of conducting performance and competitor analyses and converting raw data and information into actionable advertising.
  • Knowledge of agency and publisher advertisement tags, performance metrics for advertising campaigns, database, scheduling, and reporting preparation.


Interpersonal Skills:

  • Comfortable making decisions and executing tasks in a startup environment, be results-driven, and have an ability to absorb complex concepts and communicate them clearly.
  • Be able to work comfortably in a group and/or remote setting, have an ability to work alone with minimal supervision, have a can-do attitude, have excellent problem-solving skills, comfortable working with limited resources and be self-motivated.


Leadership/People Skills:

  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership and people development capabilities, where he/she is able to move a group towards a unified direction and with a common vision and have the ability to form strong, meaningful relationships with others.
  • Approachable, likable, and relatable individual.



About Us:


Werkberry is a Recruitment Ad-Technology platform company, based in Erie, PA. At Werkberry, our team is leveraging our technical and end user know-how with our experience building companies from the ground up and applying that set of skills to disrupt the recruitment space.


Our mission is to solve the hiring crisis for small to medium sized businesses and changing the future for how employers and candidates interact.

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