Our Solution

What we will deliver

  • A Virtual Recruiting Agency
  • We automate the same tools that recruiting agencies use
  • No need to pay 15% of the annual wage
  • More qualified candidates in less time, for less money
  • A company branding opportunity to attract candidates
  • Company story, logo, why it’s great to work here, etc.
  • Just having a company log increases application rates by 20%!
  • A simple tool to manage resumes and applicants
  • The real ‘Game Changer’ will be us using True Programmatic Ad-Tech to identify “likely’ candidates outside of the boards to find “passive” candidates who may not have a LinkedIn profile or resume!


By pooling together, the staffing needs of hundreds of independent businesses, we have the same buying power as the largest enterprises, giving us far less expensive access to all the best advertising


We automate the job ad buying process to maximize results and value. Automatically moving a particular job in and out of campaigns to get results faster.


We are pioneering the use of Programmatic Advertising technology to augment the traditional job boards, to pro-actively target ‘likely’ candidates that may not be ‘actively’ looking.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Algorithms use big data from millions of job ads to continually improve efficiency of our ad buys and accuracy of our guided platform.

Hiring Made Easy!