Help Your Clients Find Qualified Job Candidates

Your clients have a big problem...  They need qualified job candidates to help them grow!  With Werkberry, you can help them solve that problem fast!

Become The Go-To Consultant In Your Space By Offering This Service

Retain clients, attract new clients, and create a group of raving fans by solving business owners single biggest problem!

Your Clients Need

Recruitment Marketing Automation and Help Hiring Qualified People


Customize as little or as much service for each of your clients using our multi-layer architecture

Direct Access

Provide seamless service with direct access into your client's hiring portal


Our solution is perfect for franchises and owners with multiple entities or locations

Some industries working with us are PEOs, ASOs, HROs, Membership Organizations, Associations, HR Technology, HR Outsource and their vendors, plus so many more!

How To Help Your Clients

Business owners struggle to find great job candidates.  They're sick of wasting time and money.  That's where you can help!

Expand Your Service

Help your client find, qualify, and hire expert talent so they can keep scaling their business!

Earn Recurring Revenue

You can either point them to Werkberry as a solution OR you can offer write their job descriptions and use the tool on their behalf - and get paid for it!

Empower Your Clients

Because you'll be helping your existing clients out with a big problem, they'll happily send their friends and share your name in their business circles!

What Makes Our Platform Better

You're only seconds away from better job candidates, faster hiring, and a more seamless way to fill your job vacancies!

Company Profile & Career Page

Let people know what jobs you're looking to fill, right on your website!

Simple, Guided Job

In minutes, your job posting will be advertised on hundreds, even thousands, of sites!

Publish Once, Post Everywhere

Rather than posting to one job board at a a time - post your job all over the Internet!

Automated Placement Optimization

Get your jobs seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right times...

Clean & Fast Candidate Experience

Job candidates will be pre-screened fast in the Werkberry system!

Simple Resume Tracking

Track candidates and resumes quickly and easily inside our exclusive platform.

Your Clients' Job Ad - Everywhere!

Where do people see job ads?

Your clients' job ad will show up where ever your ideal clients are!  Our programmatic advertising technology makes sure your jobs display where perfect job candidates are...

Job Boards

Niche Websites

Social Sites

Professional Sites

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