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Help your clients keep fully staffed and growing with Werkberry.

51% of SMB’s state that they “cannot find quality
applicants.” Without applicants, your clients don’t have
employees and that’s lost revenue for you.”

Indeed SMB Survey, 2018

Before now, many of the advanced resources and services used by large enterprises have been out of reach for your clients. And the results speak for themselves.

Hiring Costs at Big vs Small Companies


The average cost-per-hire (CPH) in the USA is $4,129, but for employers with 2 to 500 employees, the cost is typically 2x as much. This is primarily due to the higher amount they have to pay for recruiting and the additional time of vacancies.

Filling Job Openings

For big companies, it takes an average of 42 days to fill job openings. For small and medium sized companies, it can take over 2.5 weeks longer to fill open positions.

The current options for SMB’s are complicated and costly. Werkberry levels the playing field, making you a hero.

Your clients rely on you for so many important services like insurance, benefit administration, risk management, compliance, payroll, HRIS and more. By adding Werkberry to your offerings, you’ll add tremendous value that results in new clients, better retention and best of all – more E.

Flexible Client Options

With Werkberry, you can assist clients with hiring as little or as much as you want. Werkberry’s administrative dashboard lets you go from monitoring to providing customer support to acting as an internal recruiter. Whether you seek to acquire new clients or want a new offering that adds more value and retains current ones, Werkberry can help. And with our usage-based pricing, only clients who use Werkberry pay. No monthly contracts, no hidden fees. Straight-forward, one price per position pricing.

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