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Werkberry releases all-in-one, cloud-based recruiting platform

Located in Erie, PA, Werkberry developed an all-in-one, cloud-based recruiting platform. Their SaaS-based solution allows smaller employers to easily post and manage jobs using data- driven, predictive algorithms while automatically optimizing the job posting – all advantages previously available only to large enterprises.

In addition to guided job title, description and ad creation, Werkberry turns the entire internet into a recruiting tool offering highly cost-effective advertising. By employing artificial intelligence and automation, Werkberry saves time and produces better results than individual job boards.

Smaller companies struggle to hire qualified talent because they lose out to the big employers who have a massive budget and hundreds of vacancies to fill. Because of their clout and size, corporate giants, with huge discounts, can optimize their postings and keep their jobs positioned near the top of page one on any job board they choose.

Werkberry’s tool, at a fraction of the cost and complexity, levels the field and maximizes exposure to qualified candidates. No more buried postings on page five – ads stay fresh. For the price of one single premium job board, a company can access multiple boards, professional sites, all the social media sites, and search engines.

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