Why Werkberry?

Let’s take a step back and look at how we got to the present state of hiring.


First there was the ‘Help Wanted’ sign in the window, and soon after, classified ad in the local newspaper. Then came the Internet and the rise of the job board where companies could post jobs and job-seekers could search open positions. Next we saw the rise of the job-board aggregators.

Meanwhile, professional Recruiters maintained large databases of candidates, knew how to work all the sites, boards and tools – but are exceedingly expensive (10-15% of the base salary).

For cost reasons, most companies limit their use of recruiters to filling critical or hard to fill roles.

Werkberry is the future of hiring for small businesses.

We’ve taken the knowledge and skills of the professional recruiter and automated the advertising, searching, screening and management processes with advanced algorithms. Our aggregation and automation reduces hiring costs dramatically.


So now, even the smallest businesses can get professional recruiter results for the cost of a single job board campaign.

Werkberry is not a job board, applicant tracking system, RPO, or full-service staffing agency, but takes the best features of each and combines them in to a single, unified system, including:


  • Company profile
  • Position creation
  • Automated posting to all job boards, social media, websites, search engines and more
  • Simplified applicant screening and tracking

Werkberry is like having an in-house hiring team
that helps you get the right candidates quickly and affordably.

Finding qualified candidates has never been easier.


Wekberry is only available through PEO’s. Contact your PEO today.